Packer Isolation Testing (PACT)

Packer Isolation Testing (PACT)

AER 2003-01 mandates that all injected fluid, aside from potable water, be isolated from the production casing above the production packer. Surface Solutions Inc. provides these annually required packer tests to satisfy AER, OGC, and SER regulations. SSI can accurately identify packer leaks, corroded tubing, and other issues, even in remote sites.

PACT Packer Isolation Testing – Alberta Regulatory Service Provider

Our proven procedures and equipment are trusted by producers to deliver accurate results, which are then uploaded into the DDS.

SSI has recognized a need to be aware of new technology and leave zero room for error. We are able to provide both a high level of accuracy and superior temperature compensation to prove or disprove packer integrity. As with pipeline testing, the round chart can only be as accurate as the increments of the chart and the script of the pen. SSI can solve any doubt by viewing the casing pressures real-time as the test is underway. Contact SSI now to learn more about packer isolation testing.