Offset Frac Monitoring (OFPM)

Offset Frac Monitoring Alberta

Offset Frac Monitoring (OFPM)

Offset Frac (Frack) Monitoring is utilized to monitoring communication between wells during frac’ing. Companies are able to record information in cases where a reservoir is damaged during the frac, and can satisfy AER Directive 83 to ensure wellhead safety. Offset frac monitoring controls cost overruns to repair producing wells damaged by inter-wellbore communication and build previously unknown reservoir knowledge.

Offset Frack (Frac) Monitoring – Surface Solutions Inc. Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC Completion Service Provider

Surface Solutions Inc. is committed to helping producers avoid fracking disasters. For over 5 years, SSI has been an industry leader in offset frac solutions, providing quick and affordable testing to producers throughout western Canada. Adjacent well pressures are captured and transmitted to our secure website, where real-time data is accessible at all times. Streaming data is saved online for later analysis, and to reference in the course of communication incidents.

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