Regulatory Services

RegulatoryGetAttachment.aspx_Founded in 1999, Surface Solutions Inc. has remained focused on complete and accurate oil and gas well optimization. With technological advances in data acquisition, oil and gas producers are able to have test data that is flexible and affordable SSI has built a solid foundation for business based on leadership and excellent customer service.

Planning is key at SSI, utilizing our data base we can save you time and money while managing your complete regulatory needs.

Packer Isolation Testing

Packer Isolation Testing is performed to satisfy AER 2003-01 regulations to ensure all injected fluid (other than potable water) is isolated from production casing above the packer. Surface Solutions performs tests annually to satisfy AER, OGC and ASER regulations.

Surface Casing Vent Testing

Surface Casing Vent Tests determine if there is internal migration of gas or liquid up the surface casing vent. The AER views liquid vents as serious.

Gas Migration Testing

Gas Migration Testing is done to satisfy AER 2003-01 recommends producers test for gas migration prior to abandonment. Expensive re-entries can be eliminated with properly planned Gas Migration Testing.

Tank Vent Monitoring

Directive 60 asks that tank vent emissions be tested annually. This helps quantify/identify any air quality issues.

Suspended Well Inspections

AER Directive 13 requires oil companies to check integrity of suspended wells. Wells can be assessed as low/med/high risk.

SSI Regulatory Services in Alberta and Saskatchewan