Production Services

ProductionGetAttachment.aspx_Founded in 1999, Surface Solutions Inc. has remained focused on complete and accurate oil and gas well optimization. With technological advances in data acquisition, oil and gas producers are able to have test data that is flexible and affordable SSI has built a solid foundation for business based on leadership and excellent customer service.

Planning is key at SSI, utilizing our data base we can save you time and money while managing your complete production testing needs.

Automated Acoustic Well Services

Automated Acoustic Well Services are a low cost alternative when completing infield pressure surveys. Surface Data Recorders along with bottom hole recorders can ensure peak efficiency.

Segregation Testing

Segregation Testing is performed to confirm well segregation. We can determine packer effectiveness and identify tubing leaks and isolation of sweet and sour zones.

Plunger Lift Evaluation Tests

Plunger Lift Evaluation Tests are performed to maximize production and avoid downtime. SSI can identify issues such as tubing leaks, wax buildup and non-arrivals.

Dynamometer Tests

Dynamometer tests help diagnose pumping well issues. The data SSI provides can be used for optimization.

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