Completion Services


Founded in 1999, Surface Solutions Inc. has remained focused on complete and accurate oil and gas well optimization. With technological advances in data acquisition, oil and gas producers are able to have test data that is flexible and affordable SSI has built a solid foundation for business based on leadership and excellent customer service.

Planning is key at SSI, utilizing our data base we can save you time and money while managing your complete completion needs.

Perforation Inflow Diagnostic Testing

SSI can perform closed chamber testing to identify early stages of skin damage and permeability. It offers a low cost snapshot of wellbore capability.

Offset Frac Monitoring

SSI can monitor communication between wells during fracing. This satisfies Directive 83 for wellhead safety and builds reservoir knowledge.

Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test

We can complete the DFIT to satisfy AER conditions and determine zone permeability. Can be done pre-flow to give an indication of well performance. Surface Solutions and Fracknowledge offer real time DFIT analysis.

Step Rate Injectivity Testing

SSI will perform these tests to satisfy AER Directive 065 for submission for disposal well applications. Information can confirm if well is suitable for disposal and at what maximum pressure.