Alberta waffling on methane regulations

December 19, 2017 1 Comments

How well do you know Canada's Energy Industry?

Alberta is losing any competitive advantage in the race to develop clean energy. Not being decisive on methane emissions is a step in the wrong direction. Click here to read more:

Canadian oil and gas prides itself in leading the industry in many areas but methane reduction is not one of them. Six US states already have strong regulations in place and producers that are committing to a goal of zero emissions. We cannot claim to be energy leaders when the evidence is to the contrary.

Statoil already sold its oilsands assets due to pressure to supply cleaner energy. We do not need to push investment out of the province when the industry is still fragile in many areas.

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One thought on “Alberta waffling on methane regulations

  1. AvatarJonathan Stokes

    Methane is a deadly gas; almost 20 times more polluting and harmful than carbon-dioxide. Oil and gas companies accidently leak this gas in the atmosphere through bleeding pneumatic devices. High quality solenoid valves would be better.


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