Alberta oilpatch pollution

October 24, 2017 0 Comments

Canadian Oil & Gas

The Alberta oilpatch may have to double methane reduction strategies to meet its target of a 45% reduction. Currently only venting and flaring are required to be measured which is not accounting for a large percentage of total methane entering the atmosphere.

Recently studies were completed where oil producing regions were flown over to determine methane release. The fly overs also measured ethane to eliminate cattle methane production from their findings. In Lloydminster specifically the methane measured was almost 4 times the reported amounts from industry. Other areas were more accurate with Red Deers actual emissions being roughly equal to the reported totals.

If methane can be captured there is potential to generate 1.6 Billion of saleable gas but the cost for producers to meet regulatory drafts may be 3.3 Billion.

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