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AER building database of Oil & Gas Infrastructure

April 26, 2016 0 Comments

Surface Casing Ventflow Testing

With the entry of Inactive Well Compliance Program (IWCP) in its second year, the Alberta’s Energy Regulator (AER) is working on a database of pipelines and wells that will need attention. Taking into account the amount of energy equipment scattered throughout the province, a database and a plan make a lot of sense.

The aging of the oil and gas infrastructure in Alberta is a serious problem for this region. The AER has created a database that analyzes and locates miles of abandonment wells in Alberta. But it continues with this work concerning pipes and compression stations.

In addition to the database to all the pipelines and the entire structure of the underground and surface of what will take some time, is a century of accumulated scrap and industrial infrastructure that is unused. The

information will be gathered from the agencies that preceded the current regulator, which brought together three different organizations in 2013.

This compilation ends in early 2018; the database detailed the time, location and location of some 415,000 kilometers of pipeline and precisely 50,000 kilometers of oil and gas competing for pipelines. They are detailed and classified according to the risk they pose to human health and the normal environment.

The AER has made a significant effort to clean wells and pipes abandoned until January of this year have cleaned 6,800 oil wells and works well on a base of 37,000 wells which is what has been counted until now.


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