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TransCanada announces $570M project in NW AB.

November 16, 2015 0 Comments

15000 psi well head to monitor hydraulic fracture

Despite the tough year the natural gas in NW Alberta and NE-BC needs to have a reliable path to market. TransCanada and other pipeline operators are expanding to meet the demands of the market. They must expect a bounce back where extra capacity will be needed. Or do I have that all wrong?

Trans Canada Group Corp., one of Canada's largest gas companies based in Calgary, has announced a promising $ 570 million investment to increase capacity to the already installed gas pipeline to transport 2.7 billion cubic feet per day Thanks to its Nova Gas Transmission LTD system.

It results in significant relief for all of the country's gas producers as they will have an efficient and effective service when it comes to supplying large volumes of gas. The company TransCanada announced that its expansion project for 2018 only means the minimum expression that the system requires to cover contracts and additional increases in gas demand that can be planned in the future.

The National Energy Board is expected to finance the development of projects by 2018, which will annex 88 kilometers of 20-48- inch diameter piping, thirty-five new stations, and a new compressor.

If the gas market at the export level is to grow in Canada, a good and sustained investment is necessary both in repairing, maintaining and increasing the pipelines that transport it.

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