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Keystone Pipeline Officially Vetoed – Share Your Thoughts

February 25, 2015 0 Comments

President Obama vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline, a nearly 1,900-kilometer pipeline project which would connect Albertan crude oil to an existing pipeline in Nebraska, allowing for greater distribution of Canadian crude oil to the United States and beyond. Citing environmental concerns, the

The President suggested that any economic and job creation benefits that could come from the Keystone Pipeline would not be worth it. Is the Keystone XL Pipeline economically necessary? A debate that will not go away with the presidential veto of Barack Obama, it all starts in 2008 when the company TransCanada, fills the request of the United States Department of State. That would allow the construction of an extension of the pipeline called Keystone XL, of 1900 km. It would send 830 thousand barrels a day of oil from Canadian bituminous sand, and would leave Alberta, crossing the border of the United States until arriving at the state of Nebraska. From there it would connect with the pipe already constructed that leads at the refineries of the South of that country.

President Obama used his constitutional power to reject the Keystone Pipeline XL project that was approved by the United States Congress with a large Republican majority and few Democratic votes; proponents say it would generate thousands of jobs with minimal ecological damage, critics say that it would significantly increase the environmental risk

As a Canadian, how do you think the Keystone veto affects you? Do you think the pipeline will eventually be passed? Should the Keystone XL pipeline be built? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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